Sunday, February 3, 2013

Poison Eaters and Other Tales by Holly Black

The Poison Eaters by Holly Black

So many good stories can be found in this collection, it makes me want to read Holly Black's other works. She co-authored The SpiderWick chronicles with Tony deTerlizzi which, for some reason, I have never read.

Many of Black's other books are for YA, including the Modern Faerie Tale series and Curse Workers series. The Poison Eaters which was written for YA can be read and enjoyed by adults. Some of the best YA literature today has this cross audience appeal.

"Reversal of Fortune," is my favorite story in The Poison Eaters because it reminds me of the best Twilight Zone stories. A girl makes a bargain with the Devil in a modern day setting. Returning home from her terrible mall job,  Nikki meets a smelly, old man who promises to give her what she wants. Naturally, she does not believe he has any power but when her beloved dog dies she contacts the old man. I won't say how she bests the devil but I will say it involves eating a lot of candy frogs.