Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt

Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt.
A car wreck nearly ruins a young photographer's life in this riveting novel. A runaway at 15, Isabelle becomes a successful photographer. She marries but never has what she yearns for--a child.
When her she learns her husband has been cheating on her, she runs away again. Unfortunately, Isabel's car collides with an approaching car while driving down a lonely, fog-filled backroad near Hartford.

Pictures of You offers a tantalizing mystery. What was April, the other driver, running away from? Why was her car faced in the wrong direction? Why was she standing in the middle of the road? 

Horrified that a young mother has died, Isabelle tries to make a connection with the victim's family. Slowly, as they heal, Charlie and Sam, grow to love Isabelle. Complicating matters, however, is Sam's asthma and his tendency to romanticize the ordinary. Sam is conviced that Isabelle is an angel who can help him reconnect with his deceased mother.

Pictures of You is A bittersweet story about second chances, overcoming fear, and finding love.