Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Book of Someday

The Book of Someday by Dianne Dixon.

The lives of three women, Livvi, Micah, and AnnaLee, collide in this fascinating, fast-paced novel by Dianne Dixon. One object--a photograph of a woman in a silver dress and pearl-button shoes--holds a clue about their past and future.  

Broken and needy, Livvi, seeks love that she never received from her father and absent mother. As a child, the most loving family was the family she viewed through a telescope across the street. Will she find love and acceptance with Andrew or is he selling her a bunch of lies?

Beautiful and ambitious, Micah is a famous photographer with a guilty conscience. Diagnosed with a life threatening illness, Micah makes a point of revisiting everyone she has hurt in the past. She hopes to make amends but her journey takes her on an unexpected collision course.

AnnaLee is a stay-at-home mother who desperately wants to launch her husband's career. AnnaLee has to sell her valuables bit by bit to stay financially afloat. Is opening her heart to a rebellious teen who needs direction a mistake?

This is a satisfying read -- one that makes readers think about the conscious and unconscious choices they make in their lives. For some, life is shaped entirely by the past, but for a courageous few, the putty of life can be shaped by their own choices. The Book of Someday makes readers think about the big questions.